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Anyline invites you to their event

Elevate your in-store experience with mobile scanning solutions

About this event

The situations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have put a spotlight on the customer shopping experience, creating demand for a more personalized, contactless experience. Using the combination of mobile barcode and OCR scanning solutions can help retailers evolve with the accelerated growth we’ve seen in 2020.

In this upcoming webinar, Ean Kelleher and Karen Savage will discuss what steps retailers can take in 2021.

Learn more on how to:

  • Enable your customers to see beyond the product label
  • Give you customers the ability to do self-checkout with their own device
  • Increase customer satisfaction with your online shopping fulfilment


Anyline is a mobile OCR SDK, which enables you to scan numbers and short text within your application. It can be downloaded for all mobile platforms.