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Anyline invites you to their webinar

Elevate your Mobile & Web Applications with Scanning Technology

About this webinar

As technology evolves to demand faster, more accurate data capture without personal contact, clients are looking to stay ahead of the curve with their mobile and web applications. 

Integrating a Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution can increase your value to customers and clients, allowing them to reduce overhead, engage with customers, and close the e-commerce loop to purchase. 

See how companies like Pepsi & RedBull, and many more have tackled data capture challenges with Anyline technology. 

In this webinar you will hear

  • Industry-specific B2B mobile OCR use cases
  • How one SDK can solve multiple use cases
  • Ease of implementation

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Christian Pichler VP of Innovation @ Anyline

    Christian has always been eager to drive progress, tackle strategic roadmaps and to foster informed technology decisions considering financial and legal aspects. As VP for Innovation and through his vast experience, Christian strives to challenge the status quo.

  • Guest speaker
    Eric Matheson Anyline

    Eric Matheson is an account executive with Anyline Inc. focused on the impact mobile OCR technology can have on police forces by providing increased situational awareness and reducing the inefficiency of manual data entry while in the field. He has over 15 years of experience in machine vision an...


Anyline is a mobile OCR SDK, which enables you to scan numbers and short text within your application. It can be downloaded for all mobile platforms.