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Anyline invites you to their webinar

The importance of AI in Utility Field Service Organizations

About this webinar

AI is transforming business processes in companies around the world. One way it is helping companies improve their bottom line and remove manual processes is mobile data capture.

In this upcoming webinar, Berni Reiterer, Anyline VP of Utility, will be speaking with ISTA’s Julien Corona, Head of Solution & Process Implementation, to discuss how current the utility industry is facing new challenges, and where opportunities lie for increased efficiency and customer demand.

Join us to learn more about:

  • How ISTA is adapting to the changing climate
  • How technology can support your bottom line
  • Bringing the future of technology into your processes today

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Bernhard Reiterer VP of Utility Sales @ Anyline GmbH


Anyline is a mobile OCR SDK, which enables you to scan numbers and short text within your application. It can be downloaded for all mobile platforms.