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Apex International invites you to their event

Apex International Opens 2nd FlexoKITE Center

About this event

We'd like YOU to be among the very first to take a behind-the-scenes tour of our fully-equipped flexo laboratory designed for live press-testing and experimentation in our popular webinar series.

Guest speakers from leading flexo-industry brands will be on hand to answer YOUR questions about simplified problem-solving tactics, workflow best practices, new technologies, and the practical future of flexography.

Bring your toughest questions & gather new wisdom about your current challenges — or your dreamed-of flexo buildout.

Solutions to help Fly your Flexo @ New Heights

The FlexoKITE webinar series has so far enlightened more than 2,000 global attendees about pressing challenges like Opaque White Ink Print Quality, Ink Foaming, Press Optimization, and maximizing quality on lower-end corrugated printing. These brief, focused, and solutions-packed webinars include video and document downloads for future reference.

ON THE MENU The agenda welcomes virtual attendees with a birds-eye view of FlexoKITE, real-time and real-world problem-solving, and the keys to FlexoKITE online resources.


  • Exploration of FlexoKITE centre’s high-technology pressroom laboratory in Nashik, including new BOBST MASTER M5 flexo press with software and platemaking equipment from ESKO and DuPont;
  • “Ask Us Anything” Q&A session with tech gurus from ESKO, BOBST Label, Flint Group, Apex, TESA tape, DuPont, Max Specialty Films, and others;
  • Access to the FlexoKITE Webinar Resource Library;
  • The Anilox Volume Challenge: Will print density change before and after an engraved anilox roll is surface-polished to 0.3cm3/m2? Watch the live-print demo and learn.

WHO’S WHO Collaboration is key in solving complex flexo challenges and improving processes. There are literally millions of possible variables involved in printing a flexo job. That’s why FlexoKITE takes a holistic approach and involves all relevant manufacturers whose products impact a target problem.

On the equipment side, FlexoKITE has gathered these collaborators to share their expertise for the Grand Opening:

  • BOBST / label press;
  • DuPont / plates;
  • Apex / anilox;
  • Flint Group / inks;
  • ESKO / screen software.

On the consumables and supplies side, these industry leaders bring their unique production know-how:

  • Avery Dennison / label substrate;
  • MAX Specialty Films / film;
  • Tesa / mounting tape;
  • SwedCut / doctor blades;
  • ESON / flexible dies;
  • Numex Blocks / blocks;
  • BM Printist / distributor.

About FlexoKITE: FlexoKITE is a workshop, press floor, seminar series, and tradeshow rolled into one robust flexo user experience. Broadcasting from two brand-new Experience Centers in the Netherlands and India, FlexoKITE runs a fully-equipped integrated workflow of the latest flexo equipment.

“Knowledge, Innovation, Technology, and Exploration” (KITE) are the driving forces that unify flexo industry leaders to deliver real-world technical content not limited to a single product area. FlexoKITE’s holistic problem-solving structure thoroughly addresses each flexo webinar topic:

  • Problem definition;
  • Highlight the consequences of the issue in production;
  • Identify the root cause of problem;
  • Understand the costs associated with the problem;
  • Demonstrate the possible solutions to eliminate the problem;
  • Highlight the implications that the current solutions may have on press performance and efficiency;
  • Presentation of the required steps and contacts to solve the problem.

Hosted by

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    Nik Harvey

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    Dan Pulling FlexoKITE Center Manager @ Apex International