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User Onboarding 101: How to turn new users into lifelong customers

About this event

You don’t get a second chance at making a good first impression.

This concept folds into everything – job interviews, coffee dates. And yes, even product experiences.

If the first experience with your product is anything but silky-smooth, you risk losing out to the competition.

In this interactive, live workshop, Ramli John and Lyla Rozelle will share:

  • What good (and bad) user onboarding looks like.
  • Best practices of effective onboarding flows.
  • What metrics you should care about.

The best part: when you finish this workshop and complete a short assessment, you can humble-brag about it with a LinkedIn badge and certificate!

Can't make it? RSVP anyway, and we'll send you the recording after.

​​​Seats are limited. Reserve your spot before they fill up.

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  • Guest speaker
    Lyla Rozelle

  • Guest speaker
    Ramli John


Product adoption made easy

User onboarding is just the beginning. Empower your team to measure and improve product adoption—without a developer.