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App Mastery Connect 2023

About this event

Hello App Enthusiasts,

Get ready for a day that promises to transform your approach to app management and growth - welcome to App Mastery Connect! This immersive event is all about empowering you with the knowledge, strategies, and insights needed to master the world of apps and drive exceptional results.

Why Choose App Mastery Connect:

🌟 Elevate Your Skills: Our lineup of sessions covers the entire spectrum - from the latest product updates and ASO strategies to navigating cross-platform challenges, harnessing customer feedback, and maximizing automation with AI.

🤝 Forge Connections: Engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and fellow app aficionados in discussions that bridge gaps and create new avenues for collaboration.

🚀 Fuel Your Success: App Mastery Connect isn't just an event; it's a stepping stone toward app mastery that can fuel your journey to success.

We know your time is limited, so we allowed you to register for the session of your choice, or two, or all of them. You can't make it to all of them, but would love to find out what we discussed? No worries, register for everything you are interested in, and we'll send you the recording afterward.

Sessions available (check out the event page for highlights of every session)

  • AppFollow 2023: Discovering Key Milestones & The Road Ahead 15:00 - 15:45 CEST
  • Navigating ASO from Basic to Advanced - Unveiling Common Mistakes through Interactive Audit 15:45 - 16:30 CEST
  • The Feedback Loop: Enhancing Apps, Ratings, and Reputation with User Input 16:30 - 17:15 CEST
  • Unifying Worlds: The Cross-Platform Gaming Odyssey - Overcoming Challenges and Crafting Success 17:15 - 18:00 CEST
  • Networking Lounge 18:00 - 18:45 CEST

This is your opportunity to refine your strategies, learn from the best, and join a community of passionate app enthusiasts.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Lucija Knezic

  • Guest speaker
    Jaap Gerritsen AppFollow

  • Guest speaker
    Ethan Maxfield


AppFollow: User review and app monitor and management, ASO for mobile apps and games in App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft Store.