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Mastering the Art of App Advocacy: From Users to Loyal Brand Ambassadors

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Mastering the Art of App Advocacy: From Users to Loyal Brand Ambassador

Aligning Conversations and User Insights to Boost App Downloads, Drive Loyalty, and Increase Revenue

In a world where McKinsey estimates customers spend 20 to 40% more with companies that listen and respond to their opinions and service requests, it follows that letting users know their voice is heard is an organic and effective way to drive a positive impact for your business.

Whether you measure customer connection in app downloads, app sessions or a more robust retention curve, it's clear that making the effort to understand what users love (and hate) about your app yields priceless inputs in a valuable formula for app growth and sustainable success. In this scenario, your ability to listen to what your users tell you and direct their energy and advocacy is at the core of your competitive advantage. But how do you tap into the power of app advocacy and take your app's growth and brand strength to new heights?

Join us for an exclusive webinar to explore how aligning conversations, learning from your users, and leveraging existing user behaviors can profoundly influence future behavior, leading to unparalleled success for your app.

In this webinar, our panel of industry experts will share non-conventional strategies that will empower you to:

  • Harness customer conversations: Learn how to engage with your users actively, gather their feedback, and build a strong community around your app. Understand the art of being "on the spot" to resolve issues, drive satisfaction, and foster advocacy.
  • Leverage user insights: Discover how to extract valuable insights from user feedback and reviews to make data-driven decisions. Uncover hidden opportunities, identify pain points, and optimize your app to exceed user expectations.
  • Avoid the classic traps like segmentation: Find out how not putting users into pre-established “boxes” but rather interacting and truly listening to them helps build a better product and a more valuable and engaged community
  • Impactful app experiences: Explore the key elements that create memorable app experiences and learn how to use feedback to build better features, deliver personalized interactions, and drive user loyalty.
  • Transform users into brand ambassadors: Uncover the secrets to transforming satisfied users into passionate brand advocates and leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing and social proof to attract new users and amplify your reach.

Meet Our Expert Speakers:

Peggy Anne Salz, CEO at MobileGroove

Alon Rivel, Vice President of Marketing, Soothe

Jeffery King, Community Advocate, Grindr

Jonny Davies, Head of Customer Experience, AppFollow

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