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Increasing Sales Performance: The Origins of Success Factor Systems

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Before there was SuccessFactors at SAP, there was its predecessor company, Success Factor Systems, founded by Richard Mirabile, Ph.D.

The premise of Success Factor Systems was simple: What would it take to determine what exactly moves the needle on performance in sales? What if we could gather, analyze, and leverage that data?

What if we pinpointed the key elements to success?

What are the challenges and opportunities in looking at performance?

We'll discuss what Rick learned building Success Factor Systems, and where the technological landscape is going today.

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    Caroline Tien-Spalding Aptology

    I'm passionate about helping get the right people in the right job.

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    RM G
    Richard Mirabile


Empowering people decisions.

Performance is about people. What if you could get the right person in the right role? What if you could do it objectively and at scale? Meet the Aptology platform: understand which behaviors drive performance and get visibility into your people.