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Using Arbor's benchmarking and performance analysis to inform data-driven decisions for your trust

About this webinar

Where do you look for data analysis across all of your schools, how do you pull this data together, and what questions should you be asking from it to make decisions?Where do you look for data analysis across all of your schools, how do you pull this data together, and what questions should you be asking from it to make decisions?

In this webinar, Tim Ward - a Senior Partnership Manager with a rich history in: Teaching, School Leadership (5 years), School Improvement (12 years), Data and Assessment Consultancy - will demonstrate how you can make data-driven decisions for your trust. Tim will focus on Arbor Insight, an industry-leading benchmarking tool for every school and MAT in the country, free for everyone. Insight portals contain out-of-the-box, MAT-level dashboards, which aggregate your academies’ latest performance data and benchmark your MAT against national and Top Quintile averages. Dashboards offer the ability to drill down to see how individual schools, demographic groups or custom-built clusters are affecting results, you can also remove schools from your analysis to see how that changes your overall performance.

Tim will also show you how to access and get the most out of your free Understanding Your MAT Report. Built especially for your trust, your report brings together key measures like your schools’ ASP performance statistics, alongside your MAT’s size and local demographics, to help you understand the unique makeup of your trust compared to others in England, so you can make informed decisions.

Sign up for your trust's Group Insight account before the session: https://login.arbor.sc/auth/group-register


There’s been a huge amount of change over the past few weeks, and it looks likely that more will come over the next few months. What’s the best way to adapt to it? How do you plan for change, support your students, and manage staff wellbeing when you’re working remotely? And how do you keep adapting as new guidance comes out?

“Adapting to change: Managing your schools and staff remotely” is a series of bite-sized, 45 minute webinars created for MAT leaders and delivered by your peers. Each week we invite a trust leader to share one thing they’ve been doing particularly well or think others could learn from in an informal setting. You’ll learn what other trusts are doing to adapt, meet MAT leaders, and leave with new ideas and processes to take back to your own trust. Our aim is to create a space for leaders to learn from each other as we continue to face change at a school, trust, and community level.


This webinar series is brought to you for free by Arbor Education. Arbor is a cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) used by 1,000 schools and 95 MATs across England to transform the way they work. Learn more about us, including how our MIS can help you manage your schools remotely, at www.arbor-education.com 

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    Loic Menzies Chief Executive @ The Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY)

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    Tim Ward

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    James Weatherill

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