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How to look after your most vulnerable students, during and after Covid-19

About this webinar

How to look after your most vulnerable students, during and after Covid-19

Angela Ransby, CEO of Raedwald Trust, made up of 6 Alternative Provisions across 9 sites, has great insight into how strategies and plans in Alternative Provisions can be used by mainstream schools in the new and very different academic year to come.

The widespread increase of disadvantage, widening attainment gap and the broader affect Covid-19 has had on all pupils, will require schools to be thought of as more than an education centre. The pandemic has prompted us to redefine what we mean by vulnerable and reconsider who is responsible for the education, wellbeing and outcomes of those children most in need.

"These issues lie at the heart of Alternative Provision, but in the past few months every school in the UK has made them top priorities. The parameters of education have changed, and the ways in which we fulfilled our teaching and caring commitments before Covid-19 are no longer fit for purpose." Hear from Angela on what mainstream schools can learn from AP, and what trusts can change and adapt that will help pupils and guardians in the coming months.

Angela has also introduced a system whereby teachers are held accountable for their self-improvement rather than performance to pupils’ academic outcomes, an outlook that will be perhaps crucial in the new academic year.


There’s been a huge amount of change over the past few weeks, and it looks likely that more will come over the next few months. What’s the best way to adapt to it? How do you plan for change, support your students, and manage staff wellbeing when you’re working remotely? And how do you keep adapting as new guidance comes out?

“Adapting to change: Managing your schools and staff remotely” is a series of bite-sized, 45 minute webinars created for MAT leaders and delivered by your peers. Each week we invite a trust leader to share one thing they’ve been doing particularly well or think others could learn from in an informal setting. You’ll learn what other trusts are doing to adapt, meet MAT leaders, and leave with new ideas and processes to take back to your own trust. Our aim is to create a space for leaders to learn from each other as we continue to face change at a school, trust, and community level.


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    Angela Ransby CEO @ The Raedwald Trust

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    James Weatherill

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