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HDR's Vision for Regenerative Design and Mental Health

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Material Bank's "Design Your Impact" Series

HDR's Vision for Regenerative Design and Mental Health

1 x IDCEC Credit Offered to All Attendees

The mental health crisis has been a recognized national concern for over half a century, impacting a vast segment of our society and intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, the design field is pivoting from mere sustainability to a more encompassing regenerative design, encompassing natural environmental recovery, community mental health, social justice, user-centric design, and overall well-being.

Tackling the intertwined topics of mental health and regenerative design demands an exploration of neuroarchitecture and environmental psychology. This discussion will uncover the key principles of regenerative design and their consequential effects on mental health and general well-being, while also broadening the scope to cover design's influence on the built environment and the ongoing mental health dilemma.

Through a study of real-world applications addressing the varied facets of mental health care, we will evaluate the success and relevance of these principles to the communities they benefit. By honing in on the social, neurological, and ecological systems, the world of design can magnify its societal contribution, particularly in tackling contemporary challenges such as the prevailing mental health crisis.


  • Anosha Zanjani, Behavioral Health Design Specialist, HDR
  • Brian Giebink, Behavioral Health Practice Leader, HDR

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