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Architects' Guide: How To Incorporate Zero Waste Initiatives into Your Building Design

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Architects' Guide: How To Incorporate Zero Waste Initiatives into Your Building Design

This webinar will cover how architects can affect waste reduction from building conception. Designers will learn the basics of waste management and reduction, as well as real-world strategies for the design of new and remodeled construction. It will also provide tactics for how to educate building owners by equipping them with resources to educate building tenants.

By attending this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to understand and define the basics of Zero Waste.
  • Examine the effects of waste in our environment and beyond.
  • Identify ways to incorporate Zero Waste strategies into building design by using attractive and durable interior protection.
  • Discover real-world applications of implementing Zero Waste initiatives.

About Jessica Jenkins

Jess Jenkins is a TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Certified, LEED Green Associate helping designers and manufacturers alike commit to greener processes. As the Environmental and Technical Specialist at Inpro, she has continued to plan and augment Inpro’s Zero Waste Initiative Goals by 2025 and spread her passion for waste reduction and responsible waste management to leaders in the building products and architectural industry.

About Hannah Feniak

Hannah Feniak is Architizer’s Architecture Editor. When she’s not leading our talented team of writers and interviewing the industry’s most innovative designers, Hannah is likely to be found exploring the latest exhibition openings. A trained art historian and educator with a focus on architecture and urbanism, Hannah holds degrees from McGill University in Montreal and NYU.

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    Jessica Jenkins the Environmental and Technical Specialist @ Inpro

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    Hannah Feniak Managing Editor @ Architizer


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