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Leveraging a novel targeted membrane protein degradation approach in cancer therapy - Prof. Madelon Maurice

About this event

Speaker : Prof. Madelon Maurice - Professor of Molecular Cell Biology UMC Utrecht and Principal Investigator Oncode Institute

The webinar will discuss the inventive idea of Madelon Maurice that E3 ligases can be repurposed for the degradation of membrane proteins.

She developed a fundamentally novel approach in which cellular enzymes are utilised to drive target protein removal. In this strategy, heterobifunctional molecules are employed that simultaneously bind the extracellular domains of a transmembrane ubiquitin ligase and a membrane-bound protein, for instance, a cancer-promoting receptor. Induced proximity results in ubiquitination of the target protein, and its subsequent cell surface removal and degradation. The removal of transmembrane proteins carrying inappropriate activity has great potential to compromise cancer cell growth. We have coined our approach SureTACs (Surface removal Targeting Chimeras).

#proteinsdegraders for #cancertherapy

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  • Guest speaker
    Madelon Maurice Professor of Molecular Cell Biology UMC Utrecht @ Laigo Bio

  • Guest speaker
    Neill Mackenzie Entrepreneur in residence @ Argobio Studio

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    Morgane Schwenzer Office Manager @ Argobio Studio

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