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ARTSCENICO onlinejourfixe #1

About this event

Talks about Working Conditions in the European Art- and Costume Department

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    AL G
    Ana López Cobos Costume Design @ AAPEE, Spain

  • Guest speaker
    AK G
    Anne Karttunen Production Design @ Theatre, Film and Television Designers LP Finland, Suomi

  • Guest speaker
    AO G
    Adam O'Neill Production Design @ BFDG, UK

  • Guest speaker
    MF G
    Madeline Fontaine Costume Design @ AFCCA, France

  • Guest speaker
    BK G
    Barbara Kapelj Production Design @ SKOM, Slovenija

  • Guest speaker
    EC G
    Eva Coen Costume Design @ ASC, Italy


European Federation for Costume & Production Design