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Continuous Discovery: Are you as connected to your customers as you think?

About this event

As UX researchers, designers, and product leaders, we need to continually adapt to shifting customer needs, behaviours and priorities. But many teams aren’t as connected to their customers as they think.

Join our moderator Ash Ivory (Head of Product at Askable) in a panel discussion on Continuous Discovery (CD), that goes beyond the usual rhetoric. We’ll dive into the evolution of traditional product research methods to real-time adaptability, collaboration, and innovation. With insights from Brandon Di Bartolo (Head of UX at Askable) on Askable’s daily practice and a fresh take on discovery cadence from Pascal Raabe (Askable+ Researcher), we’ll cover where CD poses challenges and how we’ve adapted the method to make it our own.

Whether you’re a seasoned Researcher or someone who does research occasionally, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from two experts that will bring deep insight and honesty to the conversation.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the evolution of research and discovery in the context of product teams.
  • A fresh perspective on Continuous Discovery, with practical insights on implementation.
  • Real examples of overcoming challenges and getting successful buy in from all levels of an organisation.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ash Ivory Head of Product @ Askable

    Ash is a no 'BS' leader with expertise in product management and software startups. They are passionate about good user experience and great solutions. They have strong opinions held loosely and isn't afraid to ask the hard questions.

  • Guest speaker
    Brandon Di Bartolo Head of UX @ Askable

    Brandon is the Head of User Experience at Askable where he obsesses over making research easier, faster, and more insightful. Most days, you’ll find Brandon understanding how teams are conducting research, and translating those insights into an experience that people genuinely love.

  • Guest speaker
    Pascal Raabe Design Lead & Coach

    Pascal is a Human Centred Design leader, coach, and hands-on practitioner in UX and customer research. His experience spans more than a decade of UX Research and digital product design in startups, agencies and large corporates. Pascal partners with clients from wide range of industries to define and prioritise high impact problem spaces, discover novel solutions and deliver digital products with measurable results.


Askable empowers teams to make real, informed product decisions, through streamlined continuous research. Coupled with the power of AI, our platform enables you to do 10x more research and get deeper insights that shape your product to delight users.