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ASPI Webinar: 2020 Counter-Terrorism Dialogue

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ASPI is delighted to invite you to the 2020 Counter-Terrorism Dialogue.

The annual ASPI Counterterrorism Yearbook 2020 identified several key themes regarding global terrorism, including:

  1. The decline in Salafi-jihadi terrorist activities,
  2. The increase of right-wing extremist activity, and
  3. The role of technology, particularly social media, in the evolution of violent extremism.

Covid-19 has reduced the ability of terrorists to travel globally and regionally, having been affected by the pandemic as much as the global community. However, in the areas of Syria, Iraq and other global terrorist hotspots, they remain active and their ability to plan, encourage and recruit people to their cause continues. 

With the increasing global rise of nationalist based ultra right-wing extremists, such as the Boogaloo Bois, Fascists, neo-Nazis, Covid conspirators, and various other groups such as INCEL, there are concerns about the increasing threat of violence by individuals or groups inspired by them. The ability for people to connect online and become radicalised, to the point where they commit violent actions against people in the community, is increasing.

Managing these ongoing risks will be resource intensive, requiring strategic policy responses, strong partnerships and sharing of skills and expertise across Australia. These themes and others will be discussed at the 2020 Counter-Terrorism Dialogue.

ASPI’s Executive Director Peter Jennings and head of ASPI’s Counter-terrorism Program Leanne Close will be joined by Senator the Hon Kristina Keneally, Associate Professor Debra Smith from Victoria University and Ross Guenther APM, Deputy Commissioner Victoria Police, for this discussion. 

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