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Australian Strategic Policy Institute invites you to their event

ASPI Webinar: Australian policing after Covid-19

About this event

ASPI is delighted to invite you to a webinar on Australian policing after Covid-19. 

Australian Federal, State and Territory police have for many years enjoyed high levels of public trust, exceeding that of most public sector organisations. Modern policing is not just about the use of force or law enforcement but working with communities to solve many complex social and health problems. Public trust provides the social licence for the nation’s community policing efforts.

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had substantial health, social and economic impacts and police, like our other first responders, have adapted to this challenge. Our frontline police officers have been provided almost unprecedented new powers to deal with the Covid-19 health crisis. However, a public weary of the pandemic appear to be increasingly less accepting of measures to contain Covid-19.

This webinar discussion will explore governmental responses to Covid-19, the impact on Australian policing’s social licence and policy options to ensure that Australia’s most trusted institutions remain so.


  • Leanne Close, former Deputy Commissioner National Security at the AFP, currently head of the counter-terrorism program at ASPI
  • Dr Steve Watts, global policing, security and management consultant with 35 years operational and strategic policing experience
  • Nick Kaldas, ASPI Senior Fellow and Managing Director of Kaldas Associates
  • Tarang Chawla, writer, lawyer and anti-violence campaigner
  • Moderated by Dr John Coyne, Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement and Head of the North and Australia’s Security, ASPI

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    Leanne Close

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    Tarang Chawla

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    Dr Steve Watts

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    Nick Kaldas

  • Guest speaker
    John Coyne Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement. Head of the North and Australia’s Security @ ASPI

    Dr John Coyne is Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement and Head of the North and Australia’s Security at ASPI. John was the inaugural head of ASPI’s Border Security Program, and more recently established the North and Australia’s Security program.

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