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Elevating Women in CX: A Panel Discussion

About this event

We've assembled an incredible panel of women who are excited to share what they’ve learned about mentorship, career development, and pathways to CX leadership.

You’ll hear from:

  • Ashley Pinales, Senior Manager of Workforce Management at Dutchie
  • Beka Swegman, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Bark
  • Lynda Harvey, Director of Customer Support and Account Management at Kin Insurance
  • Rebecca Miller, Senior Manager of Workforce Planning and Insights at Etsy

Whether you’re a woman navigating the male-dominated waters of CX or a man who wants to better support the women on your team, this is a discussion you won't want to miss!

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  • Guest speaker
    Rebecca Miller Senior Manager, Workforce Planning and Insights @ Etsy

    As Senior Manager of Workforce Planning and Insights at Etsy, Rebecca Miller is responsible for leading and shaping Etsy's workforce strategy, forecasting and analytics teams. Before joining the Etsy team in January, Rebecca served as the Director of Workforce Operations for FleetCor, where she successfully led the charge for creation, implementation, and ongoing strategy for a centralized servicing model since 2015. Rebecca has been a strategic people leader for over 20 years, guiding teams in creating and executing on their missions for growth both professionally and personally. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys camping, kayaking, and coaching girls fastpitch softball.

  • Team member
    Sam Dehart

  • Guest speaker
    Ashley Pinales Senior Manager, Workforce Management @ Dutchie

    Ashley Pinales started her career working in the Virgin Islands as the marketing coordinator working with luxury brands like Omega, Tiffany & Co, Patek Philippe, and Breitling. When Ashley moved back stateside, her love for retail and the customer journey transitioned into Workforce Management. Her career quickly accelerated to helping large teams scale and build impactful cross functional relationships. Ashley’s key achievements include launching multiple customer service & support centers across the United States and building out WFM departments in each of those centers. Ashley currently holds the title of Senior Manager of Workforce Management at one of the most influential SaaS companies in the Cannabis space, Dutchie. When Ashley is not at work, you can find her outside exploring the Pacific Northwest. Ashley is a volunteer ski patroller in Oregon, avid climber, and wedding & elopement photographer.

  • Guest speaker
    Lynda Harvey Director of Customer Support and Account Management @ Kin

    Lynda has worked in all types of industries and has led various types of teams, but she has found her true calling in the Customer Experience/Customer support Space. She understands that this type of work is critical to building successful companies, and long-lasting brands, plus she LOVES it. As the Director of Customer support and Account Management at Kin, Lynda is responsible for leading and shaping Kin's approach to servicing their customers in this new InsuraTech world. Lynda has built successful customer experience teams that have spanned the globe and serviced customers from all walks of life. She’s also a CX advisor, outsource consultant, entrepreneur, and is currently developing a leadership course designed especially for women.

  • Guest speaker
    Beka Swegman Senior Vice President of Customer Success @ Bark

    With extensive experience in talent acquisition, employee development, customer success, and business strategy, Beka partners with companies to help them achieve their visions. She excels in connecting individuals and organizations and driving healthy communities through shared passion and ideas. Beka specializes in business growth through customer centric practices, replication, and strategy, executive coaching, customer success, training, networking, employment placement services, personal and career coaching, training program coordination, client management, customer service, employment screening, youth development, and behavioral mental health training. Currently, Beka is a member of the Bark Technologies team, where she pursues her passion for inspiring others and of course has the joy of helping keep children safe online.


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