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Oct 17: New Advanced Astro Points Platform!

Past Webinar Recordings

Sept 28: New Canva Templates! | Merchandising for Frequent Buyer, Mobile App, Sharing The Love, My Pet Eats Local, and more! Link to article.

June 27: 'My Pet Eats Local' | Welcoming Pet Owners to the Neighborhood with a Store Locator (Recording)

April 20: Top 5 Things You Should Know 'Aboot' Astro! Recording

April 05: How to Send Astro Coupon Reminders Recording

March 16: The Benefits of Local Loyalty Recording

March 15: What's The Deal with Astro Coupons? (Special On-Demand Webinar)

March 09: Let's Talk Merchandising Recording

Feb 23: Is SMS Text Campaigning Worth It? | Uses and Advantages Recording

Feb 09: Create Well Rounded Customers with Loyalty Points & Custom Programs Recording

Jan 19: Tips to Increase your Frequent Buyer Program Awareness & Engagement Recording

Jan 12: Template Tips: How to Create Custom Button Links Recording

Dec 9: Template Tips: How to Create Your Own Custom Flyer for Facebook Recording

Nov 17: Black Friday Pep Rally! Recording

Oct 27: Astro Social | What Should I Be Sharing Socially? (Astro Marketing Suite, Facebook, Instagram) Recording

Oct 20: My Promotions | How to Make a Custom Promotion (Astro Marketing Suite) Recording

Sept 22: Astro Marketing Suite Overview for Newbies (Astro Marketing Suite) Recording

Sept 15: Fun with Canva (Astro Marketing Suite & Canva) Recording

Sept 8: My Image Assets (Astro Brand Portal & Astro Marketing Suite) Recording

Sept 1: Sharing the Love! (Astro Retailer Portal, Astro Marketing Suite & Canva) Recording

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Astro Loyalty is committed to empowering independent pet retailers by giving them tools to effectively compete with big box and online stores.