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An Atempo / DDN Webinar - Three Ways to Simplify Data Migration for AI, Analytics and HPC

About this event

The explosion in AI and HPC data means that moving petascale data between AI platforms can give you serious headaches. What if there was an easier way to simplify the challenges of moving, archiving and synchronizing data at scale? Join us for a barstool chat among long-time data management experts to hear about the challenges of data migration and learn how enterprise IT architects are building solutions that are getting rid of those headaches for good.

Join DDN and Atempo for 30 minutes to discover 3 ways to simply and efficiently migrate data at scale:

  • Move data efficiently and rapidly between cloud, compute and data centers
  • Use task management and monitoring to schedule fast, efficient and reliable data operation
  • Implement centralized security, compliance and reporting for complete visibility of data migration

Presented by:

  • Maria Gutierrez, Senior Solutions Engineer, DDN
  • Mike Oakes, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer, Atempo.

Sign up today and to see how DDN and Dataflow can help to simplify data migration at scale and relieve you of those headaches.

Hosted by

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    Paul Wallace Product Marketing Director @ DDN, Inc

  • Team member
    Mike Oakes Sr. Solutions Architect @ Atempo

    30 Year computer professional. Enjoy traveling and sports.

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    Maria Gutierrez Senior Solutions Engineer @ DDN

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