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Managing Your Mind: Overcoming Negativity Bias

About this webinar

Believe it or not, we're all wired to look for the negative. It’s evolutionary. Negative things attract our attention more often than positive ones, and during a global pandemic this can be more challenging than ever to overcome.

Learn key strategies on how to counterbalance negativity bias. 


1. Skills to develop a more positive mindset

2. Exercises to help you remain calm and focused

3. How to talk back to negative chatter

HOST - Michele Mavi, Head of Coaching Services @ Atrium

Michele Mavi has been coaching job seekers on interview skills and job search strategies for over 15 years. As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach and an Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner, she coaches individuals, managers and teams to leverage and maximize their individual strengths. Her advice has been quoted in numerous high profile publications including Fast Company, US News & World Reports and Glamour among others. Learn more about our professional coaching services here.

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