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ON-Demand: Moiré excitons in 2D semiconductor heterostructures

About this event

Moiré excitons in 2D semiconductor heterostructures 

About this webinar:

In this presentation, Nathan Wilson will inform you about the discovery of moiré superlattice excitons in layered 2D semiconductor structures, and the potential they have as new platforms for quantum optics and quantum simulation

You will learn:

  • what is the benefit of using layered 2D materials for creating superlattices
  • how to use them to realize arrays of circularly polarized quantum emitters
  • how to use them to study many-body physics at liquid Helium temperatures that was previously only accessible in nano-Kelvin atomic gasses and optical lattices
  • how to perform such measurements with the help of an attoDRY2100 and LT-APO
  • …and why the mechanical stability and resolution of the attoCFM confocal microscopy insert was crucial to their research


Nathan Wilson, graduate reseracher @ Department of Physics in the University of Washington

On-Deman Webinar:

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