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attocube systems AG invites you to their event

Online DEMO: Nano-precise positioning with multi-axis piezo stages (on-Demand)

About this event

Online demonstration of multi-axis positioning applications using attocube’s nanopositioners

About attocube’s nanopositioners:

attocube offers a broad variety of piezo based nanopositioners perfectly suited for extreme environments and capable of up to 6 DoF movements.

We will demonstrate:

  • How to align samples and beam paths precisely using a positioner stack
  • How to minimize runout errors of sample and optics rotation at ambient & vacuum conditions

You will also profit from:

  • Setup of a nanopositioner stack
  • learning about our portfolio and the latest technological developments
  • discussing your specific questions with attocube engineers

On-Deman Webinar:

Register now and we will send you a personalized access link. Therewith you can watch the webinar whenever and wherever you like.

attocube systems AG

attocube develops and manufactures components and systems for precision motion and nanopositioning applications, cryogenic microscopy, and nanoscale analytics, suitable for extreme environmental conditions.