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Webinar: Making Retail Fulfillment Breeze

About this event

In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, staying ahead of consumer demand is paramount for success. Join us for an exclusive webinar, "Making Your Retail Fulfillment a Breeze," where we delve into the pivotal role advanced Automation and Warehouse Execution Software (WES) plays in shaping a winning omni-channel fulfillment strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stay on Top of Trends: We will discuss the latest trends and advancements in retail fulfillment including micro-fulfillment centers, the brick-and-mortar comeback, and current eComm growth and future projections.
  • Optimizing Fulfillment Strategies: Learn strategies and best practices to optimize your omni-channel fulfillment process, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Holistic Automation Analysis: Learn the importance of taking a holistic view of automation's impact. Understand the need to quantify these considerations and incorporate them into financial analyses to support investment decisions.
  • Real-world Insights: Gain valuable insights from relevant case studies, highlighting successful implementations and their impact on businesses like yours.

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of retail by gaining a comprehensive understanding of these key trends, concepts, and strategies. Join us to empower your retail business for the future.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jon Schechter VP of NAm Business Development @ AutoStore

    Jon Schechter started with AutoStore in July 2020 and is responsible for driving market awareness focused on retail in North America. As a Business Development Manager, he partners with customers in their fulfillment journey to identify whether AutoStore is the right fit for them. Jon has been designing robotic-based fulfillment centers since 2008 with prior experience at Kiva Systems, Amazon, and RightHand Robotics. Jon studied Mechanical Engineering at MIT and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • Guest speaker
    David Jeziorski Business Development Manager @ AutoStore

    David spent 13 years at major retailers leading engineering teams and overseeing large-scale supply chain transformations. As a former solutions buyer, he understands tech selection, investment justification, and securing executive sponsorship.


AutoStore is a robot technology company that invented and continues to pioneer Cube Storage Automation, the densest storage solution in existence. The company has over 1,250 systems around the world in various industries. Some of the world's biggest brands are powered by AutoStore.