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Cyber Cluster

About this webinar

The Dubai Cyber Cluster once again is proud to host a line up mindful experts to discuss cybersecurity,

trends and challenges.

Due to our current climate, this dedicated webinar roundtable topic will be centered around Culture and


➢ How to tackle the issue of organisations, saying one thing, however acting in another way when

it comes to security. Rarely intentionally, as we see as cyber professionals assist in generating

policies and setting up infrastructure go to waste, when the standard operating procedure of our

clients tends to "take the easy way out" and not adhere to security protocols.

➢ Why is this the case? How can we change it? and should we be better at UX and Design thinking

when advocating the cyber plan of action more efficiently.

➢ The public & private sectors need to be mindful of their solutions capabilities

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  • Guest speaker
    SA G
    Sultan AlOwais CISO

  • Team member
    AS T
    Andrew Schumer Technical Director @ Axon Technologies

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