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NCL 11 - Network Security Monitoring (NSM): from Theory to Practice

About this event

Navigating the Cyber Land series is coming up on Wednesday, October 6 at 2:00 pm EEST, with a new episode "Network Security Monitoring (NSM): from Theory to Practice".

Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is an essential security practice that aids an effective threat hunting operations. Without a complete Network Security Monitoring, your security operations will definitely miss intrusions, and your threat hunting and digital forensics tasks will be daunting and chaotic. NSM is not an intrusion detection system (IDS), but it can be integrated with an IDS. NSM is about creating maximum visibility - from a security point of view - of your network so that there is always enough information to detect, analyze, and respond to any intrusion.

In this webinar, we will cover the theory and concept of NSM as well as provide a practical overview of the tools to implement an NSM solution. In the first half, we will cover the different types of data that need to be collected and preserved, such as, full packet capture, host events, network events, and session events. And in the second half, we will cover tools like Snort, Suricata, OSSSEC/Wazuh, and Sguil. We will also give a brief overview of “Security Onion” which is a Linux-based distribution with a pre-built collection of tools used for NSM.

This webinar is ideal for security engineers and analysts as well as for any network/IT administrators passionate about cybersecurity.

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