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NCL 12 - Memory Analysis using Volatility Tool

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Navigating the Cyber Land series is coming up on Wednesday, November 10 at 3:00 pm GST, with a new episode "Memory Analysis using Volatility Tool".

Whether you are an incident responder, forensics specialist, or simply a system administrator, memory (RAM) analysis is a crucial skill to have to investigate what has happened on a malfunctioning system. The nice thing about memory analysis is that it tells you about the actual “live” state of the system at the time when the memory was captured. Unlike data in the hard drives, memory data could easily be lost if the machine was turned off or rebooted. Memory data can reveal things like:

  • Detailed tree of the running processes along with their parent processes.
  • Command lines are used to initiate or start processes.
  • Network connections, states, and which processes are using those connections.
  • The inside code of any processes and whether it was legitimate or malicious.

This webinar will introduce you to the fundamentals of memory analysis using the most popular open-source tool designed for this purpose, and that is Volatility. We will go through the entire process of creating a RAM image, and then analyzing it step by step with Volatility. The tool includes nearly 40 internal commands along with plugins contributed externally. The webinar will be supported with live demonstrations and walk-throughs.

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