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NCL 03: Privilege Escalation Attacks on Linux Systems

About this event

How would you become “ROOT” on a Linux machine when you have got a normal user access? This webinar will cover a strategy composed of multiple techniques which can elevate your privileges on Linux systems. Specifically, we will explain and demonstrate the following techniques:

  1. Locally exploiting kernel vulnerabilities.
  2. Abusing SUDO permissions of attacked users.
  3. Extracting sensitive information from history.
  4. Exploiting SETUID (set user ID) programs.
  5. Exploiting services running as Root.
  6. Exploiting mis-configured Cron jobs.

During the webinar, we will practically demonstrate each of those techniques on various vulnerable Capture-the-Flag (CTF) machines. The techniques are useful during your post-exploitation phase that comes after getting a foothold on the system.

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    Abed Samhuri Cyber Institute Lead @ Axon Technologies

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