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Maximizing Lead Conversion: Leveraging Zillow's Platform for Mortgage Lenders

About this event

Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the opportunities Zillow offers to enhance lead generation and conversion for mortgage lenders. This comprehensive session is designed to guide you through the various advertising avenues available on Zillow, including the strategic use of the Zillow Mortgage Rate Table, and the nuances of both long-form and short-form leads.

We will explore how the Zillow Mortgage Rate Table can be a powerful tool in your arsenal, helping to attract potential borrowers with real-time rate information. Understand the distinct advantages of long-form leads, which offer detailed borrower information for a more tailored approach, versus short-form leads that facilitate quick, high-volume lead capture.

Here are a few topics we will cover:

  • Navigating the Zillow Mortgage Rate Table: Detailed insights on how to effectively use the Zillow Mortgage Rate Table to display competitive rates, attract potential borrowers, and enhance visibility.
  • Long-Form vs. Short-Form Leads: A comparison of long-form and short-form leads, including their respective benefits and how to best utilize each type for maximum lead generation and conversion.
  • Strategies for Optimizing Lead Conversion: Practical tips and strategies for mortgage lenders to convert leads into clients, including best practices for follow-up and engagement.
  • Exploring Additional Lead Options on Zillow: Examination of other lead generation opportunities on Zillow and how to integrate them effectively into a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Don't miss the chance to transform your mortgage lending strategy and achieve greater success in your digital marketing efforts.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jimmy King CEO | Co- Founder @ BankingBridge

    As CEO and Co-founder of BankingBridge, Jimmy embodies visionary leadership and innovation, propelling the mortgage technology industry forward. BankingBridge's unwavering dedication to transparency and technology has firmly established them as leaders in shaping the future of mortgage marketing.

  • Guest speaker
    Samantha Harless Sales Manager | Mortgages @ Zillow

    Samantha Harless serves as the Sales Manager of Mortgage at Zillow, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's mortgage-related sales strategies and initiatives. With extensive experience in the mortgage industry, Samantha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sales management, customer relations, and market analysis. Her insight and leadership have been instrumental in driving Zillow's success in connecting mortgage lenders with potential homebuyers, making her a highly respected figure in the field.


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