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BCdiploma partner business case and demo: the impact of digital credentials

About this event

The dematerialization of diplomas and certificates is at the heart of the transformation of institutions and many solutions available today.

During this 30-minute webinar, we are presenting how blockchain is the best technology to meet the challenges of digitalization of certificates.

 At the end of this session you will know:

  • Why digital certification is an essential service
  • The benefits of blockchain and the BCdiploma service in the generation of diplomas, certificates, attestation, micro-certifications...
  • How digital credentials enhance the success of your learners and your institution
  • How the solution allows your teams to save time and resources.

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The first blockchain credentialing platform

The first blockchain credentialing platform for issuing digital degrees, certificates & micro-certifications. More than 120 institutions use BCdiploma to secure and enhance their digital credentials.