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Trade Unions and the Fight For Racial Equality In UK Media - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Are the five UK entertainment trade unions doing enough to fight for racial equality in the British media industry and creative arts, and are they representing their Black Asian and minority ethnic members’ interests?

Join Philippa Childs Bectu, John Shortell Musicians Union, Julie Cheung-Inhin Equity, Jack Newsinger and Marcus Ryder as they discuss the critical role unions play in the industry when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

In ground-breaking research film editor Riaz Meer with over twenty years first-hand professional experience as a film editor, and Dr Jack Newsinger, with the assistance of Dr Siobhan Stevenson, conducted interviews with BECTU Sector of Prospect, Equity, the Musicians’ Union, the National Union of Journalists, and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain to assess how they are fighting racism in their respective fields, what they are doing well and what they can be doing better.

If you work in the media industry, are a member of a trade union or ever thought about joining a trade union and haven't, this is the session for you.

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