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Bluetooth and LoRa Combining for IoT Deployments: Challenges and Opportunities

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Combining short and long range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and LoRa in a single IoT solution greatly simplifies IoT deployments in a wide range of application areas – building automation, construction monitoring, mining, smart farming, track & trace and many more. Operations that have in the past been completely or partially manual are being transformed, bringing automation and greatly enhanced efficiencies at low cost.

Join our discussion with experts from IoT hardware pioneer Multitech and leading antenna designer Airgain to explore this new frontier for IoT deployments. This timely and unique session will examine the challenges and opportunities of combining these wireless technologies in the IoT market, including addressing the following issues:

  • How is the complementary functionality of Bluetooth and LoRa driving new IoT market growth?
  • What are the key application areas and potential where this is happening now?
  • What are the key considerations for antenna performance in small form factor IoT devices?
  • How can antenna design be optimised for different IoT requirements?
  • What does the market want?

This event will assist enterprises, product manufacturers and service providers to meet their IoT business objectives and will also include a variety of illustrative case studies.

To accompany this online video discussion, read the detailed 100+ page report Connecting Wireless Data: Deploying IoT Everywhere, available here via free download.

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  • Team member
    Robin Duke-Woolley CEO @ Beecham Research

    Founder and CEO of Beecham Research, Robin is a highly experienced IoT market analyst and consultant with a background of senior management in high tech manufacturing industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Ali Sadri CTO @ Airgain

    Ali Sadri, Ph.D. is Airgain’s Chief Technology Officer, bringing over 25 years of advanced scientific and engineering management experience and is responsible for developing solutions to support Airgain’s current and future businesses.

  • Guest speaker
    Mike Fahrion CTO @ MultiTech

    Mike Fahrion is a technologist and IIoT strategist who is passionate about bridging the gap between technology, organizations and people. He is an expert in wired and wireless data communications with more than 25 years of design and application experience at the “edge” of networks in remote, harsh or uncontrolled environments.

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