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How to Succeed with IoT

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Is Your IoT Project Successful?

Are You Looking for Improvements?

Soon there will be more cellular IoT devices connected to mobile networks than mobile handsets. While not the only measure of IoT growth, it is a significant moment and indicative of the change. Long gone are the days when M2M represented just a fraction of mobile network connections. The IoT market is now huge and becoming essential for all IoT users in every key sector. The pandemic has also accentuated this. The roll-out of 5G networks will further extend this growing importance, adding rocket boosters to IoT growth.

Yet compared with buying a mobile handset, IoT solutions are complex with many moving parts. Recent research by Beecham Research indicates that many organisations are challenged in their IoT initiatives. Only 12% of businesses consider their IoT projects to be fully successful.

  • Why is that, and what can we learn from it?
  • What are the key points to consider?
  • How to successfully add new value and realise excellent ROI?

This unique webinar will cover these issues and many more, providing answers to help IoT users improve their success rate and meet their business objectives. It will draw on deep experience and new research that sheds light on how to succeed with IoT.

To accompany this webinar, read the detailed 100+ page report How To Succeed With IoT, available here via free download.

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  • Team member
    Robin Duke-Woolley CEO @ Beecham Research

    Founder and CEO of Beecham Research, Robin is a highly experienced IoT market analyst and consultant with a background of senior management in high tech manufacturing industry.

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Marshall Founder & CCO @ Eseye

    Paul is one of Eseye’s co-founders. With a background in senior design engineering, Paul’s focus is on ensuring his development, operations and support teams deliver solutions which work faultlessly in the field. Paul was co-founder of CompXs, with Ian Marsden.

  • Guest speaker
    Andreas Burghart Senior Product Manager @ Digi International

    Andreas Burghart is a highly experienced IoT technologist and product manager. He has held multiple roles in his 20+ years at Digi, including engineering/management, product management, sales engineering, and business development.

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