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The End of Silent Cyber

About this webinar

The Property & Casualty market posed a number of challenges for clients over 2019. 2020 is shaping up to be similarly demanding. We see carriers drawing attention to specific risks and attempting to bring clarity to what is covered and what not is covered. One area getting considerable attention as we start 2020 is cyber risk focusing on its impact on property, casualty, commercial crime, K&R and other lines. 

Both AIG and Lloyd’s of London have announced that affirmative and non-affirmative cyber underwriting strategies will be implemented by January 1st 2020 (i.e. stated coverage grants or exclusions). While we expect this to be managed on a case by case basis, other markets are following suit and beginning to introduce exclusions creating inconsistencies, gaps and potential non-conformity of coverage.  Silent cyber is the name given to coverage not affirmatively provided in traditional insurance programs but which may provide coverage because they are silent.  The panel will review expected changes designed to clarify intent.

In order to prepare and address any potential changes to your insurance program and create an affirmative and comprehensive program to respond to any cyber event, please join us for a one hour webinar on January 24th @ 1.30 EST.

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    Tracie Grella Global Head of Cyber Insurance @ AIG

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    John Kerns Executive Managing Director @ Beecher Carlson

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    Sean Donahue

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