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Re-imagine Re-Engagement | We like large lists and we cannot lie

About this event

This scenario is all too common for email marketers. But never fear!

Jen Capstraw, Natalie Jackson, and Adeola Sole are your email fairy godmothers. In this session, we’ll delve into re-engagement campaign strategies for B2B and B2C that will keep folks interested in your brand.

  1. The best time for re-engagement
  2. Best kept secrets for content strategy
  3. Top tips to get the click for B2B and B2C
  4. Which re-engagement metrics matter

What’s a marketer to do when prospects and customers stop engaging?

It's all about your relationship with your buyer. We’ll show you:

  • The steps in the lifecycle that warrant re-engagement campaigns
  • How to remove friction for both you and your customers
  • How BEE Pro speeds up your re-engagement campaign

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  • Guest speaker
    Jen Capstraw

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    Annette Palmieri Marketing Programs Manager @ BEE Content Design Inc.

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    Natalie Jackson

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    Adeola Sole

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