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Less is More | Discover HTML for Email 3.0

About this event

Discover the new HTML for Email 3.0

We’re rolling out BEE HTML for Email 3.0: Our content builder now produces HTML that’s ~56% smaller in size, and more compatible with various email clients.

Your customers will now have access to a stronger email deliverability experience with simpler, clearer, and smaller HTML.

Our team redesigned the content builder from the ground up to minimize Gmail clipping and provide your customers with a better email delivery experience.

Join this webinar to learn more about HTML for Email 3.0. And, during the live session, Matteo will share key details and walk you through the process of activating this feature.


  • HTML for Email 3.0: What's changing?
  • Always Us First
  • How to Activate It
  • Q&A Live Session

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Matteo Santagata Full Stack Engineer Associate Manager @ BEE

  • Team member
    Annette Palmieri Marketing Programs Manager @ BEE Content Design Inc.

  • Team member
    Massimiliano Fattorusso Product Owner @ BEE


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