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How freelancers can maximize their net revenue through a management company?

About this event

Have you ever thought about maximizing your net income? As a freelancer, it's not always easy to know the best practices, especially if you are working through your own management company. The goal of this webinar is to show the advantages of creating a company when exceeding a given turnover. Hadrienne is going to help us learn more about the subject. Warm-up 🔥 In this webinar we will look at these different points:

  • Limits of working as an independent professional
  • Legal and tax advantages of working through a management company
  • Practical tips and best practices
  • The 5 steps to set up your management company

Who should attend this webinar? Those who are thinking of creating their own company but also those who are already working through a company and want to check if they are applying all the best practices.

The big plus➕ Hadrienne will share with you an exclusive partnership with great advantages! Register and attend the webinar It will be worth it! ✨

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  • Guest speaker
    Hadrienne Flahaux Tax Expert Certified ITAA @ VIP Conseil

    Hadrienne is CEO and founder of VIP Conseil, a boutique tax and accounting firm. With VIP Conseil they help consultants and freelancers increase their net revenue and get rid of administrative frustrations thanks to modern tools.

  • Team member
    Laurent Philippe Ham Founder @ Beelance

    Founder of Beelance.io & Beelance.ch the platform that simplifies and guarantees the collaboration between freelancers and companies.