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Customer Engagement: Episode 27 Mastering MarTech Webinar with Jonny Sawyer & Tyler Tai @ Brandwatch

About this webinar

Episode 27 stars Jonny Sawyer, General Manager, APAC & Tyler Tai Solutions Consultant, APAC who discusses:

  1. The Growth of Online Activities
  2. Quarantine Trends
  3. How Brands can Leverage Data
  4. Customer Data
  5. Regional Insights with Customer Data Sets
  6. Why they Chose to go into this Industry
  7. Building a Consistent Relationship with Customers
  8. Working from Home Tips

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jonny Sawyer General Manager, APAC @ Brandwatch

  • Guest speaker
    Tyler Tai Solutions Consultant, APAC @ Brandwatch

  • Team member
    Matthew Lin Marketing Manager @ The MarTech Summit

    Marketing Manager at The MarTech Summit, Moderator of the Mastering MarTech Webinar series. Interested in joining me for a webinar? Please contact me at mlin@themartechsummit.com

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