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Beyond Geometry: 2D Structural Thermo-Kinematic Models of the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt

About this webinar

Pedro A. Restrepo-Pace, Chief Geoscientist at Oil Search Limited, will give a 30 minute presentation on some of his recent work on PNG.

The Papuan fold and thrust belt is challenging in many ways. Surface information is hindered by topography, thick forest and heavy rains, making it extraordinarily difficult to access, and seismic data delivers mixed results which translates into problematic identification of subsurface traps. Surface anticlines involving target reservoirs are being drilled-out and the new frontier now relies on more complex and deeper structures that fall in the realm of "sound" structural interpretations and models. Another challenge is linked to the economic viability of discovered resources. There is still a very large uncertainty related to the geological controls that yield gas-rich versus liquid-rich traps, and testing thermo-kinematic models can provide some insight.

This presentation will illustrate via calibrated and uncalibrated 2D case studies the impact of structural evolution on maturation, charge and hydrocarbon phase in the Papuan fold belt.

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  • Guest speaker
    Pedro A Restrepo-Pace Chief Geoscientist @ Oil Search Limited


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