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Forward Stratigraphic Modeling at Repsol: Why, What & When Does it Generate Impact & Value?

About this webinar

Cédric Pellan, Senior Geologist at Repsol Technology Lab, will give a 60 minute presentation synthetizing the work done in the last decade around 4D Forward Stratigraphic Modeling (FSM) at Repsol.

In an era where shortening E&P life cycle & maximizing the return on investment are the key drivers of the Oil & Gas industry, one may ask why adding a FSM step in the subsurface characterization workflow is generating more value than cost and delays in such studies.

In a geological modeling world where a lot of different players compete to provide the more accurate and faster workflows, with algorithms mainly based on mathematical description and propagation of the wire line well data, 4D Forward Stratigraphic Modeling has its word to say. Here is why and where we see value at Repsol of adding 4D FSM to an evaluation workflow:

  • It bridges between coarse seismic resolution and high resolution of the logs/core/plugs
  • It brings process of deposition into the model
  • It is versatile, in terms of resolution and sedimentary environments (carbonates, clastics, mixed system)
  • It is physics based and thus very reliable in well starved environments (new ventures, exploration, appraisal or green field), where mathematical sampling does not allow a good statistical representation.

Forward Stratigraphic Modeling is a formidable integration tool.  Maybe the mandatory discussion within the subsurface team to build and calibrate the model are one of the best outcomes. Future path for FSM in Oil & Gas surely relies on faster iteration loops for calibration and uncertainties modeling, as well as an increased integration in the new semi-automatic subsurface workflows for faster delivery of value to the assets.

This Webinar will discuss these topics and provide some example of Repsol in house applications.

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  • Guest speaker
    Cédric Pellan Senior Geologist @ Repsol Technology Lab


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