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Beicip-Franlab invites you to their webinar

Oil and Gas Asset Evaluation in Today’s Economic Environment

About this webinar

Dr. Pierre-Yves Chenet is the Chief Technology Officer for Exploration and EOR at Beicip-Franlab. He has more than 35 years of experience and holds a PhD in Earth Science from the Paris School of Mines. 

Dr. Chenet has been part of the French Institute of Petroleum Group since 1981 where he acted as a research engineer and later as a senior specialist and expert in Petroleum Systems Assessment. For the last 10 years he focused on building and reviewing exploration and producing assets portfolios by evaluating and risking prospects and exploration blocks and recommending growth opportunities in producing assets.

His 30 min presentation will focus on integrated approaches used in order to evaluate assets in today's challenging economic environment. What are the major International Clients expectations regarding portfolio assessment and how should they be approached through knowledge, experience and technology.

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  • Guest speaker
    Pierre-Yves Chenet CTO @ Beicip-Franlab

  • Team member
    Nicolas Hawie Project Manager @ Beicip-Franlab


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