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Beicip-Franlab invites you to their webinar

Petroleum Systems Evaluation in the Mexican Gulf of Mexico: a Return on Experience

About this webinar

The Second Beicip-Franlab's Experts Talk Webinar Series features two prominent Senior Petroleum Systems Analysts at Beicip-Franlab with a wide experience in assessing Plays and associated Petroleum Systems Elements of the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Guillermo Pérez-Drago, is a senior Exploration Geologist and basin modeling specialist with Beicip-Franlab since 2011. He has gained strong professional and academic international experience in worldwide basins working as a petroleum systems analyst and basin modeler for the assessment of conventional and unconventional plays. His work focuses on the characterization and modeling of hydrocarbon generation, migration and charge pathways in regional basin-scale and prospect scale settings, in addition to volumes in place evaluation; source rock maturity and hydrocarbon quality assessment ; geochemical source rock characterization; as well as prediction of hydrocarbon composition and fluid phase behavior PVT models; and modeling of pore pressure prediction. 

Dr. Emerson Marfisi, has 17 years of experience in interpreting and integrating surface and subsurface geological/geophysical data. His work focus on stratigraphic and basin modeling applied to petroleum system characterization. He obtained a PhD in geology from Sorbonne University - Pierre et Marie Curie - France. He joined Beicip-Franlab as senior Geologist specialized in stratigraphic and basin modelling. His experience is centered on the petroleum system characterization and long-term evolution of sedimentary systems. In 2014 he was appointed Project Manager and led integrated studies on the petroleum potential of West Canada and the Gulf of Mexico.

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  • Team member
    Nicolas Hawie Project Manager @ Beicip-Franlab

  • Guest speaker
    Guillermo Perez Drago

  • Guest speaker
    Emerson Marfisi


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