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Effective CSSD Design Using Modern Tools – Process Simulation Software

About this event

When a facility has the exciting opportunity to invest in or design a new CSSD, the project team can often find themselves asking this question – “Where do we start?”. There are numerous factors unique to each and every CSSD that are critical to consider early in the design/decision making process (examples: # of ORs, case specialties/volume, operational hours, daily loaner tray volume, etc). These variables have a significant impact on proper space programming, processing workflows, equipment sizing, and staffing structure for the CSSD.

This presentation provides a clear roadmap to avoid these pitfalls and offers strategies to ensure a successful outcome using process simulation software.

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  • Team member
    Steven Sutton Global Head of Planning and Design, LSSGB @ Belimed Infection Control

    Steve joined Belimed in 2013 in their Planning and Design Group as a project engineer. Steve has helped many customers understand their true issues and designed solutions to meet their unique needs.

  • Team member
    Ross Polston National Manager of Planning & Design @ Belimed

    Ross has been an engineer of confidence with Belimed since 2016 in the Planning & Design team. His goal is to understand each customer's unique needs through collaboration, site visits, and data analytics to provide a comprehensive SPD solution.

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