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Ergonomic Principles with BOSTONtec

About this event

Increase your Productivity by following these Ergonomic Principles

Every organization today is pushed to do more with less. In this session, you will learn how an ergonomically designed workstation can safely improve your productivity and shorten cycle times while reducing repetitive motion injuries.


The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina; NC State University recently conducted an in-depth study to evaluate if there are quantifiable benefits from using workstations with ergonomic features versus workstations that do not.  The study is based on a time and motion study of assembly and packaging tasks performed on modular workstations.  

The study results are the basis for detailed recommendations for adjustments to typical workstation designs to improve productivity and accuracy while reducing ergonomic risk factors.

Although automation has made significant advances, human operators still perform many tasks; often, these tasks are the more difficult and repetitive ones. Designing a work environment for today’s diverse workforce that reduces repetitive motions, awkward postures, and heavy lifting is an essential factor in reducing operator strain and injury, all while improving productivity.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Why a focus on ergonomics will make your organization more competitive in your industry
  • How following basic ergonomic principles can reduce cycle times and non-value added motions of a work process

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ankita Singh Product Manager @ Belimed Inc

    Joined Belimed in 2019 in their Marketing Team as a Product Manager. Worked on the commercialization of several sterilization and workflow products at Belimed. "Understanding the pulse of the consumer" is key to transform the challenges of today into opportunities of tomorrow.

  • Guest speaker
    Rob Doucette Sr. Applications Engineer @ BOSTONtec

    Rob has a passion for helping others increase productivity and well-being through the integration and implementation of ergonomic excellence. He has presented numerous live seminars and exhibited at many of the industry’s top trade shows, including a recent appearance at Industrial Sage Studios.

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