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Forward Thinking Workplaces Workshops

About this event

Learn exciting new insights and perspectives from pioneering global leaders that will prepare you for greater success in 2022 and beyond.

Sign up to participate in a monthly workshop that occurs on the 4th Wednesday of every month.

Please note: This event is for monthly ($19) or annual ($199) premium subscribers at www.forwardthinkingworkplaces.com. More information and sign up on the Membership page.

The current schedule for the first half of 2022:

  • January 26 - What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask Ourselves?
  • February 23 - What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask Leaders?
  • March 30 - What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask Employees?
  • April 27 - What Do People Really Lack and Long For at Work?
  • May 25 - How Do We Get Full Attention and Best Performance?
  • June 22 - How Do We Create Workplaces Where Every Voice Matters, Everyone Thrives and Finds Meaning, and Change and Innovation Happen Naturally?

This is an event where we all breathe a little more slowly to create space where we listen to each other to allow something new to show up. This meeting is also conducted in hybrid mode. Attend in “zoom” fashion with full-on video/audio or hang back in “webinar” mode and interact via chat.

Each attendee will also receive an updated copy of the Be a Workplace of the Future Now Series books with the latest insights for the workshop topic or question.

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