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LeaderONE Quarterly Workshop

About this event

The LeaderONE workshop offers a powerful and effective way to expand your inner capacities and increase your awareness.

In today’s rapidly changing world, traditional approaches to leadership and problem-solving are no longer enough. Our expert team at LeaderONE will guide you through a journey of self-discovery and provide you with new tools and insights that will help you break free from limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential.

Our immersive workshops will help you develop your leadership skills, tap into your inner creativity and innovation, and become a force for the greater good. Our proven approach will help you see what you’ve never seen before and unlock new doors of possibility.

Together, we help each other unleash their full potential and achieve new levels of leadership and greatness.

This workshop is open to Sponsor level members at SpaceB. If you are new to our group, you can join your first session as our guest for free.

Before the event, please visit the Awareness portfolio page at to select the image that you find most intriguing. Please make a note of it so that we can talk about it at the workshop.

We are looking forward to seeing you there! Learn more and sign up for membership at SpaceB here.

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  • Guest speaker
    Wolfgang Fiebig Facilitator, Mentor, and Coach

  • Team member
    Bill Fox Founder @ LeaderONE

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