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SpaceB Monthly Workshop

About this event

Discover the Space Beyond Your Boundaries

Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment. — Marshall McLuhan, The Medium Is the Massage

At Space Beyond Boundaries, our subscribers meet for a collaborative workshop on the 1st Wednesday of every month.

The lessons in this workshop will teach you how to:

- Discover your current boundaries that are limiting your choices and opportunities

- Take control of your life by choosing to be the hero in your story

- Decrease the noise in your mind and open you up to new levels of creativity

- Move beyond just reacting to the circumstances in your life and shaping the world around you

- Open you up to new levels of listening, collaboration, and wisdom, and tune into a future that wants to emerge

At SpaceB, I share what I’ve learned on my inner journey to help you navigate today's world with more insight and ease.

By enhancing our ability to look and listen within, we access greater awareness and creative power to shape our world and be a force for good.

This meeting is also conducted in hybrid mode. Attend in “zoom” fashion with full-on video/audio or hang back in “webinar” mode and interact via chat.

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    Bill Fox Founder @ Forward Thinking Workplaces

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