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Enterprise Forensics - An introduction to Binalyze AIR & Drone

About this event

During this 1 hour webinar we will make a full demonstration of the Binalyze's AIR digital forensics suite where you can collect, collate and collaborate on over 120 evidence types in under 10 minutes. We will also demonstrate our remote triage and timelining capabilities, integrations with SIEM products for automatic triggering 24/7 and many other valuable features that make AIR the most comprehensive digital forensics platform available today.

Finally, not to be missed, we will launch our new Binalyze DRONE product, a fully remote and on-demand endpoint assessment solution that is set to revolutionise remote anomaly detection, quick case assessment and compromise assessment. See you there!

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  • Guest speaker
    ET G
    Emre Tinaztepe Founder & CEO @ Binalyze

  • Team member
    SJ T
    Steve Jackson VP of Growth @ Binalyze


Collect, Collate and Collaborate in under 10 minutes

Binalyze is the world's fastest and most comprehensive digital forensics and incident response software. Collect more than 150 forensic evidence type in under 10 minutes.