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Zebrafish can predict lymph node involvement and treatment outcome in non-small cell lung cancer

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In this webinar Dr. Lasse Jensen will tell us more about this newly published paper.

Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models in mice have demonstrated high accuracy in predicting therapeutic outcomes, but methods for predicting tumor invasiveness and early stages of vascular/lymphatic dissemination are still lacking. Here we show that a zebrafish tumor xenograft (ZTX) platform based on implantation of PDX tissue fragments recapitulate both treatment outcome and tumor invasiveness/dissemination in patients, within an assay time of only 3 days.

The ZTX platform provide a fast, accurate, and clinically relevant system for evaluation of treatment outcome and invasion/dissemination of PDX models, providing an attractive platform for combined mouse-zebrafish PDX trials and personalized medicine.


Lasse Jensen, PhD

BioReperia, co-founder and CTO

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    Lasse Jensen Co-founder, CTO @ BioReperia


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