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Biosero 2020 Webinar Series: Actionable Insight into Your Automation Data with Green Button Go Software

About this webinar

The final event in our three-part series, learn how automation elevates your lab processes to streamline data analysis to make faster, better decisions; generate data traceability among manual, semi-automated and fully automated workflows; and maximize and repurpose equipment to scale lab efficiency.


Part 1: Actionable Insight into Your Automation Data with Green Button Go Software
David Dambman, Chief Technology Officer, Biosero

Data integration with automation has traditionally been focused on capturing scientifically relevant data while critical process data is largely ignored. Biosero’s Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software provides the tools you need to gain actionable insight into your processes by collecting and contextualizing data at every level. This includes sample tracking, device utilization, system errors, labware and reagent consumption, operator activity, environmental conditions, and a host of other events. This empowers you to answer broad questions about utilization, throughput, cost, and quality, as well as drill down into device level data to solve difficult problems. Biosero’s software suite provides an advanced data management platform to automate your data processing, apply advanced analytics, and to close the loop on your automation, enabling you to make better decisions, in less time, with more data. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The importance of capturing, contextualizing, and managing data at every level of operation in your lab. 
  • How Biosero’s technology can be applied in your lab to gather data from manual, semi-automated, and fully automated workflows. 
  • How you can gain actionable insights from that data to improve your operations, streamline your processes, and scale intelligently. 
Part 2: Streamline Your Laboratory Performance and Data Analytics with Green Button Go Automation Software Suite  
Ryan Bernhardt, Discovery Automation Group Leader, Eli Lilly and Company
Kahveh Saramout, Senior Robotic Applications Engineer, Eli Lilly and Company

Automated systems are superb at gathering and recording data. As lab automation software moves samples through the workcell, it also collects data about every sample. The software documents the chain of custody and ensures every sample is traceable from the first step to the last. Data is critical as researchers build a store of data about samples and process monitoring that will be subject to thorough review and compliance measures. When labs use automation, they can gather, synthesize and analyze data more quickly and use it to make better decisions.


Mike Sjaastad, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy, Biosero

As Director of Development and Strategy at Biosero, Mike Sjaastad is responsible for developing marketing strategies, product planning and partner relations. During his three years at Biosero, Mike secures and maintains OEM relationships for Biosero’s breakthrough software, Green Button Go. Mike is also a member of the Biosero Strategic Advisory Board. Prior to his tenure at Biosero, Mike has 20+ years commercial experience in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry.


David Dambman, Chief Technology Officer, Biosero 

As Chief Technology Officer at Biosero, David Dambman leads the software and integrations teams and sets the vision and direction for Biosero’s future software projects. David’s leadership has contributed to the development of numerous software products including Green Button Go™. Green Button Go is a device-agnostic software platform that integrates equipment into a cohesive lab ecosystem to automate workflow processes and increase productivity. 

Ryan Bernhardt, Discovery Automation Group Leader, Eli Lilly and Company

Ryan Bernhardt has spent the past five years at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis, IN as part of the Discovery Automation Research and Technologies Group; leading a team of automation engineers and scientists in the design, implementation, and operation of a variety of innovative automation projects across Lilly’s Research and Development Laboratories. During his time at Lilly, Ryan has also contributed as the Automation Architect and Integration Leader for the Lilly Life Sciences Studio (L2S2); a state-of-the-art, fully automated Drug Discovery Platform located at Lilly’s Biotechnology Center in La Jolla, CA. Ryan received Lilly’s Top 100 Innovator Award for his track-based, modular design of L2S2 which incorporates a multi-level scheduling software infrastructure. This physical and digital automation architecture has influenced the design of many other automated platforms at Lilly and across the external Life Science community. Prior to joining Lilly, Ryan worked for Hamilton Robotics as the Global Business Unit Leader of Emerging Automation Markets. Ryan received his BS in Chemistry from Marian University with a focus on the business of Green and Sustainable Sciences within industry.  

Kahvey Saramout, Senior Robotic Applications Engineer, Ely Lilly and Company

Kahveh Saramout has spent the last two years at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis, IN in The Global Robotics Program as the QC Lab Robotics Lead. Kahveh has been working to develop and deploy validated robotic equipment for the execution of routine quality assays in the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. Kahveh supports a global manufacturing infrastructure spanning the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Current projects include a fully automated platform for endotoxin testing and bioassay testing, as well as sample management systems interfaced with  autonomous vehicles for the delivery and management of production samples. Kahveh received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of South Florida where he received awards from Instructables.com for the developed of an automated titration machine, and from the University of South Florida Department of Chemical Engineering for the developed of a neural network driven control system for the processing of waste water. 


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